Know the server

This server has some differences from vanilla.

Here is a list of the changes and how they work. There are some unnoticeable changes that are only to increase server performance and are not worth mentioning.

Diamond Armor Nerf

Enchanted diamond armor makes a player practically invincible to mobs, which makes Totems of Undying ,Potions of Healing, and Golden Apples useless. To make the game a little bit more challenging, diamond armor cannot be enchanted with Protection IV or Mending.

Enchanted Golden Apples

You can craft Enchanted Golden Apples with four diamonds, four gold, and a regular golden apple. They normally can only be obtained from treasure chests and are extremely rare. To balance the diamond armor nerf you can now craft these apples which will make you very powerful and almost invincible for a few minutes.

Player Heads

If a player is killed by another player, they will drop a custom player head. The description text will include the killer’s username and a timestamp. Remember to only fight with willing participants.

Death Coordinates

If you die you will receive a memo with the coordinates of you death on it.

Phantom Ban

Phantoms will never spawn on this server because they are painfully annoying and they can even lag the server. To obtain phantom membranes, simply cook rotten flesh or bones on a campfire to release their magical energy.

Dragon Egg Elytra

You can use a Dragon Egg to craft an Elytra. Unlike normal Minecraft, the Ender Dragon will drop an egg every time you fight her, not just the first time. This means you can choose whether to get an egg or an Elytra from the fight, and you can fight the Dragon multiple times to get another prize.


Essentials is a plugin that adds many commands to improve and extend gameplay. These include player teleportation, in-game email, and username colors among others. See how to use these commands with /help


Economy is part of Essentials and adds a simple currency to the game. You can gain currency by selling items to the server and to other players and use it to buy from other players. Commands to manage your bank account include /bal /pay /worth and /sell


CoreProtect is a plugin that logs every single change to the world, whether made by a player or by a mob. This is used to keep the server safe from grief. Do not edit other people’s property without permission because it will be logged.


There are a few ranks on this server that are only for staff members.
Each rank is designated by a specific color.
Moderator Admin Operator Owner