JustPlayMC is a community vanilla survival Minecraft server

We want players who just want to have fun playing Minecraft with friends. For this reason please read all the rules and information before you join so that you know what to expect. To join, first log into the server, if you have not already. Then read all the rules and enter your username at the bottom. If you want to join the community please join our Discord server. This community is based in the United States.


Here are the short-and-fast rules. Please read the details below but if you are going to ignore me then at least read these. If you ignore the rules entirely then you will get banned.

  1. Follow the golden rule
  2. No greifing or stealing
  3. No hateful language or spam
  4. No hacking or cheating
  5. Moderators word is final
  6. Rules are subject to change

Detailed Rules

  1. The golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Griefing is not allowed. Everything is logged and can be immediately rolled back and violators will be banned. Griefing entails unwelcome and intentional changes to obviously claimed property. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Breaking and placing blocks
    • Stealing from containers or death drops
    • Damaging mobs
    • Killing players who do not want to fight
  3. Do not abuse the chat. Again, violators can and will be banned. Chat abuse includes but is not limited to:
    • Insults or verbal attacks directed at a person or people
    • Serious threats
    • Very excessive vulgar language
    • Spam
  4. Hacking is not allowed. This includes attempting to sabotage server performance or duplicate. Client-side utility mods like Minimaps are acceptable.
  5. Moderators will resolve any problems and their word is final.
  6. The rules are subject to change and players will be expected to abide by them.


This server has some differences from vanilla. Read about them to better know your way around the server.